Last year I wrote a piece about one of my favorite Freddie Francis’ films, the black horror comedy Girly (1969). At the time there was little to no information about the movie available online but that’s about to change. I’m happy to report that Girly (aka Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly) will be released on DVD by Scorpion Entertainment on March 30th. From the company website:

GIRLY is a killer black comedy unlike any other! In a large mansion outside of London, an eccentric family live an imaginative life: Girly, a flirtatious schoolgirl with eyes of fire; Sonny, her mischievous brother whose favorite toy is an 8mm camera; Nanny, the house’s caretaker with an unusual fixation on the children; and Mumsy, the family matriarch whose relationship with Nanny is rife with sexual tension. This family is far more dangerous than you can imagine! Any man who enters the house never comes out, as they are sucked into a blood-curdling game with Girly and Sonny as assassins!”

The DVD will feature a brand new widescreen print of the film mastered in HD from the original, an on camera interview with writer Brian Comport and an audio interview with director Freddie Francis, the original TV spot as well as the original theatrical trailer.

Scorpion has been releasing some great films on DVD recently such as Ken Hughes’ The Interncine Project (1973) and Goodbye Gemini (1970), which I wrote about earlier this year. It’s always nice to see a new boutique DVD label making an effort to release interesting movies that were previously hard to see. I’m looking forward to what other films they release in the future.

The DVD retails for $24.95 but you can currently purchase Girly at Amazon for $21.49.

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