If you’ve been reading Cinebeats for any length of time you’re well aware of my love for Steve McQueen. I’ve mentioned the actor and films he’s appeared numerous times. Today would have been the actor’s 80th birthday and instead of writing up another birthday related tribute post to McQueen I thought I’d share some news about the 20 never before see photos of the actor that were recently published by LIFE Magazine. They’re terrific photos and showcase McQueen’s natural charisma and ease in front of a camera.

The photos were taken by LIFE photographer John Dominis in California and in the pictures McQueen can bee seen practicing his shooting techniques before a film, working out, driving one of his sports cars, lounging around on film sets and at home with his first wife Neile Adams. A couple of my favorite shots are posted here but you can see them all at the LIFE Magazine site.
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