Oscar night will soon be here and just like last year I plan on “Tweeting Live” during the show. If you want read my off-the cuff remarks during the Academy Awards you can follow my Oscar commentary on Twitter or read my Twitter updates as they appear here on my blog under “Twitter Updates.”

There are only a couple of awards that I’m really excited about this year. Out of the movies that I’ve seen that are nominated for Best Picture I think that A Serious Man is probably the best of the bunch but I’ll be rooting for Inglourious Basterds to win for one simple reason; I hope that the cast will be allowed on stage and I’ll get a good view of Michael Fassbender in a tux. I realize that’s a rather silly reason for wanting Inglourious Basterds to win Best Picture but I don’t watch the Oscars for much more than fun and pleasure. Seeing Michael Fassbender dressed to the nines will probably be the best moment of the Academy Awards as far as I’m concerned.

I’d also like to see Colin Firth or Jeff Bridges take home the Best Actor award. I’ve liked both actors for a long time and neither of them has won an Oscar before. I haven’t seen either of the films they appeared in but I really want to see A Single Man since the clips that I’ve seen look terrific. I also really like Christopher Plummer so I’ll be rooting for him to win Best Supporting Actor even though the odds are not in his favor. Christoph Waltz will probably take home the award for his role in Inglourious Basterds and I thought he was really good in the film so I can’t complain if he wins. I would especially like to see the Oscar for Costume Design go to Janet Patterson for Bright Star. I think it’s a shame that Bright Star didn’t get more nominations since I would have liked to have seen Jane Campion nominated for Best Director but it would be nice if the film took home one award.

And finally, if you’re throwing an Oscar party or just plan to enjoy a nice evening at home with family and need some last minute party tips or snack suggestions check out my latest update at Mid-Century Living. You’ll find links to lots of helpful sites that offer fun ideas for Oscar parties including cocktails and hors d’oeuvre recipes.

On with the show!

March 8th Update: As is often the case, I thought last night’s Oscar show was dull and predictable but I watched, had fun “Tweeting Live” and hoped for the best. The two hosts never really made me laugh. Sadly, even the montages were poorly executed. I didn’t hear any drunken speeches but I did see lots of bad dancing. The only Basterds in attendance were Oscar winner Christoph Waltz along with Eli Roth and Melanie Laurent. Apparently Michael Fassbender’s seat was given to Miley Cyrus. Even the red carpet parade was unrewarding. The fashion? Very ’80s! Lots of bright colors and ruffles. Maybe that was in support of the John Hughes’ tribute? Jack Cardiff, Jennifer Jones and Karl Malden died in 2009 but they make time for a John Hughes’ tribute? I just don’t get it. At least they let Roger Corman and Lauren Bacall attend even though they didn’t receive their Oscars on stage. Two awful things from last year were repeated. Someone sang over the memorial tribute (this time it was James Taylor – last year it was Queen Latifah) and before the best actor and actress’ awards were handed out there were some awkward speeches made by their costars. At least last year the awkward speeches were made by acting legends that I cared about even if they had nothing to do with the film. I’m not a Kathryn Bigelow fan (she’s made one movie I like – Near Dark) and I wasn’t overly impressed with The Hurt Locker but it was nice to see a woman finally receive the Best Director award. Highlights of the evening for me? Seeing Barbara Streisand deliver the Best Directer award to Bigelow and Jeff Bridges’ Best Actor win. Funniest moment? The bit between Robert Downey Jr. & Tina Fey before they handed out the Best Original Screenplay Oscar. Best dressed guy in the audience? Colin Firth.