Cinema Retro Gets Hammer Glamorous!


If you didn’t get enough Hammer Glamour during my month long tribute to the female stars of Hammer films drop what you’re doing and pay a visit to Cinema Retro right now! The latest issue of Cinema Retro magazine contains a lengthy look at Hammer’s erotic vampire film Lust for a Vampire (Jimmy Sangster; 1971) featuring the lovely Yutte Stensgaard and it’s loaded with gorgeous production stills and rare promotional shots. Currently Cinema Retro is only offering issue #16 to their subscribers but if you’re a serious Hammer fan and love ’60s & ’70s era films as much as I do I highly recommend getting yourself a subscription to the magazine. Their next issue promises to also feature another beautiful Hammer starlet, the gorgeous Valerie Leon who appeared in Seth Holt’s Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971).
Top: Errol Flynn and Yutte Stensgaard
Bottom: Shirley Anne Field and James Caan

Besides all of the Hammer film coverage the new issue of Cinema Retro features an interview with the late great director and cinematographer Jack Cardiff regarding the making of his ill-fated film The Story of William Tell (1953) starring Errol Flynn as well as an interesting look at the making of Richard Lester’s 1974 movie Juggernaut, an exclusive interview with director Norman Jewison and an in-depth consideration of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather: Part II (1974). It also contains the second half of their ongoing interviews with American actor James Caan and British actress Shirley Anne Field. Last but not least, issue #16 features lots of reviews of new DVDs, soundtracks and books plus much, much more.

If you’re a retro film lover Cinema Retro is a must read. For more information about the magazine please visit the official Cinema Retro site.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Kimberly. I’ve been meaning to subscribe to Cinema Retro for a few years now, but have always put it off. The cover article, James Caan interview, and Juggernaut finally put me over the top. Just sent payment for my three-issue subscription this morning.

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