If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, it’s currently littered with unfinished blog posts about Hammer films that I may or may not complete in the future. I’m afraid life has been throwing me too many curve balls lately and I just don’t have any free time to blog. Currently blogging has taken a backseat to holiday parties, house hunting, packing and reorganizing my life.

I am currently trying to catch up on new movies so I can compile my Favorite Films of the Year list as well as my Favorite Films of the Decade list which I hope to share here sometime after the New Year. Until then, Happy Holidays!

Female Trouble (John Waters; 1974)

9 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Happy holidays to you and Mr. Cinebeats! Did you see Jim Emerson’s comparison of Female Trouble to Precious? Funny and kind of scary.

    I’ll be posting my best of the year and decade on the 31st. No stress. Just a handful of selected films.

  2. haha, that’s my favorite Xmas scene of all time. i love the Waters story where he shows Female Touble to prisoners + they don’t know what to make of it but then go wild over that particular scene. PS, I’m swiping this scene for my tumblr but I’ll hat tip you for it. Happy holidays!

  3. Peter, you beat me to it! Jim’s piece is great, and I hope you get to it soon, Kimberly.

    And many warm holiday wishes to the Lindbergs from the Cozzalios. I completely understand your being stretched so thin, and I salute to your commitment not only to this fine blog but to the important things (and even the not-so-important things) in life too. May your days be merry and bright, Kimberly! Did you get your package yet?

  4. Happy holidays, everyone! I did see Jim’s post but since I haven’t seen Precious myself (and know next to nothing about the movie) I’m afraid that the joke might be a little lost on me but I always enjoy reading Scanners.

    Peter – I look forward to your lists! I’m sure you’ll introduce me to at least one or two Asian films that I’m not familiar with.

    Chris – Female Trouble is my favorite Waters film and this scene is priceless. Glad you enjoy it as well!

    Dennis – Your gift arrived yesterday and thanks so much for the t-shirt! I also got word that an offer we put in on a house had finally been accepted by the bank this afternoon so this xmas is turning into one of the best I’ve had in many years. Things are looking very merry and bright and I hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday as well.

  5. John Waters is the best…just saw This Filthy World over the xmas holiday and I have to say, I wasn’t really feeling the holiday spirit til I got a load of that one! There’s nothing like a good John Waters story to put you in the mood.

    Also, just now discovering Cinebeats…great job on this! A fellow cinephile blogger salutes you 🙂

  6. hi.
    happy new year and everything.
    hope there will be more posts about clint eastwood (dirty harry review please) next year… and you should blog about yourself too. about your collections (how you keep stuff…) and how you watch films… you know… its always interesting to read about cool people.

  7. Isn’t John Waters great? There are certain movie experiences I will never forget and watching a “movies at midnight” showing (early 1980s) of Pink Flamingos is one of them. I have been a fan of the man ever since.

    Incidently, I recently ran into your site through a Klaus Kinski search and I want you to know how fabulous I think it is. Wonderful!

  8. I’ve always loved when John Waters has come to appreciate Christmas at the Castro.

    Kimberly, have you considered freelancing for SF360? They pay about $150 a piece. And, of course, have a built-in audience to get your words out there.

  9. Thanks for well wishes guys & gals! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday.

    Joe – Glad you enjoyed the clip and thanks for the nice words about my blog!

    Ada – I’m not sure I have anything to say about Dirty Harry that hasn’t already been said. That movie’s gotten a lot of press and critical attention (both good and bad) over the years. If I end up writing about an Eastwood film in the future it will probably be one of the early films he directed but I can’t promise anything. I’m afraid I’ll be blogging a lot less in 2010 since I have other priorities and I’d like to focus more on some my art projects but I won’t disappear completely.

    Rosie – Waters and Kinski are both great! Glad you found my blog recently, Rosie. I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments you’ve left lately even though I haven’t had time to reply to them all. Cheers!

    Maya – I wanted to attend a Waters event in the city last year but couldn’t afford to make it. I was hoping he would sign a copy of the Boom! soundtrack for me. He seems to come to SF a lot so I’ll maybe I’ll get the opportunity to meet him sometime.

    I have never considered writing for SF360 but thanks for the suggestion. Once I get resettled in Napa after my move I’ll look into it. As I mentioned above, I plan to blog a lot less this year so I cn work on some neglected art projects, plus I’ll be busy job hunting and reorganizing my life after I move. I’d also like to try and get involved with the Sonoma film fest somehow in the future since I miss the time I spent working as a volunteer for the Mill Valley film fest (in the ’90s in association with Book Passage). This year promises to be a big transition for me but I’m looking forward to the changes.

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