Horror film lovers and Marianne Faithfull fans can rejoice! Stephen Weeks’ spooky British thriller Ghost Story (1974) is finally coming to DVD on November 16th from Nucleus Films in the UK. It will only be available in Britain as a Region 2 PAL disc but if you happen to own an all-region DVD player like myself, I recommend getting yourself a copy. Hopefully, the film will be released in the US soon.

The new DVD is loaded with terrific extras including an all-new 60-minute featurette that contains interviews with director Stephen Weeks, composer Ron Geesin, actors Larry Dann, Murray Melvin and the fabulous British horror icon Barbara Shelley. Other extras include the film’s original theatrical trailer, an alternate opening credit sequence and 7 of Stephen Weeks’s previously unseen early short films. The film is presented in widescreen for the first time and undoubtedly looks much better than the awful VHS print that I watched when I reviewed the film two years ago.

My only complaint is where is the interview with Marianne Faithfull? I’d love to see what she had to say about the film so it’s a shame that Nucleus Films wasn’t able to convince Faithfull to share her thoughts about the production.

It seems like I’ve spent an incredible amount of time focused on Marianne Faithfull here at Cinebeats in the past year but I’m not the only person with Faithfull on my mind. Britain’s Q Magazine recently named Marianne the “Icon of the Year” during their annual awards ceremony in October. She’s also been doing a lot of interviews with the British press. I always enjoy reading what she has to say and she’s still making great records at age 65.

Last but not least, here are a few links that I thought other Faithfull fans might enjoy including a link to my review of Ghost Story written in 2007.

My review of Stephen Weeks’ Ghost Story (1974)
Official Nucleus Films site where you can order the DVD
Marianne Faithfull is Q Magazine’s Icon of the Year
A recent Interview with Marianne Faithfull

* Nov. 6th Update: Nucleus Films was kind enough to contact me and let me know that they tried to get in touch with Marianne Faithfull but weren’t able to. I suspected as much but I hope she realizes how wonderful she was in the film and is able to do some kind of promotional interview about Ghost Story once the DVD is released.

6 thoughts on “Ghost Story (1974) Comes to DVD

  1. Recall commenting on your review (2 years ago! damn!). Only seen this via a crappy bootleg disc, so I’ll put the new DVD on my Xmas pressie list. Full marks to Nucleus for compiling such a package.
    Ah, Faitfhull is simply amazing.

  2. Time does fly! I’m glad we’ll finally be able to see a good print of the film. I think it will help me appreciate the movie more since it’s hard to write about a film when you’re looking at a horrible VHS print of the thing.

  3. I saw I, Monster in a theater after reading about Stephen Weeks in a British film magazine, in early 1973. Weeks seems to have disappeared after his second go at Gawain and the Green Knight.

  4. I’m curious about what Stephen Weeks has to say regarding his directing career. I’m also looking forward to viewing those short films of his that are included on the DVD since I’d like to see more of his work.

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