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The latest issue of Cinema Retro arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it boasts a colorful picture of Lee Marvin during the making of Prime Cut (1972) that literally jumps right off the cover. As a long time Lee Marvin devotee I was thrilled to discover that the magazine had unearthed a lengthy interview with Marvin that had never been published before. The interview was conducted by writer Steve Mori during the making of The Klansman in 1974. Marvin offers up lots of insightful antidotes about his film career and it’s a pleasure to read. He was an incredibly smart man who lived a fascinating life and he obviously loved his job. Acting came naturally to Lee Marvin and he brought an honesty and edginess to his roles that is also on display during the interviews he did.

In Steve Mori ‘s interview with Marvin the actor shares some great stories about working with other actors such as Toshiro Mifune on the set of the excellent WW2 drama Hell in the Pacific (1968). He also doesn’t shy away from discussing the disagreements he had with studios or other actors such as Paul Newman during the making of Pocket Money (1972). If you’re even the slightest bit interested in Lee Marvin the new issue of Cinema Retro is a must read!

Besides the interview with Lee Marvin, other highlights from the new issue of Cinema Retro include Steve Saragossi’s detailed look at the terrific Lee Marvin film Prime Cut, a nice overview of the Christopher Lee’s Fu Manchu films, an interview with British actress Shirley Anne Field, an interesting take on John Schlesinger’s Billy Liar (1962). It also features lots of film news, DVD and soundtrack reviews as well as many follow-up articles to pieces from previous issues such as the second part of Steve Saragossi’s interview with American actor James Caan and an ongoing look at The Man from U.N.C.L.E. films.

You can purchase the latest issue of Cinema Retro at their official website: cinemaretro.com

Lee Marvin fans might also enjoy checking out a new interview with director Jim Jarmusch that was recently posted at the Criterion Collection film site. In one of the clips Jarmusch humorously discusses his association with The Sons of Lee Marvin.

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6 thoughts on “Lee Marvin Goes Retro

  1. my favorite part of that interview is when he informs Steve Mori that upon viewing Zardoz he is “in for a kick in the ass, pal!” ha! Truer words have never been spoken.

    Now I have to go watch some M Squad!

  2. I always liked Lee Marvin !
    Have you seen “Canicule”, by Yves Boisset ? IMDB gives “Dog Day” for the american title.
    He looks so foreign in that movie, lost in this derelict countryside. He has a mesmerizing presence, like the physical introduction of a American cinema in a French movie.

  3. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for the heads up – I can’t think of many good interviews with Lee Marvin out there so I will be picking up this issue when i go into town later. My copy of NIKKATSU NOIR arrived last week, I’m saving it for next weekend when I have no engagements and we’re going to watch the whole box!!

  4. Caroline – Totally agree with you! It was great to read Marvin praising one of my favorite Boorman films that usually gets knocked.

    Kith Tsune – I have not seen Canicule, but you’ve got me wanting to. It appears to be based on a Jean Herman novel so it has to be worth a look.

    Woodrow – The interview is terrific and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it. I hope to finally see A Colt Is My Passport this weekend. I haven’t had time for much movie viewing lately but hopefully I’ll get a chance to see it tonight or tomorrow. Oddly enough I did finally see the Lee Marvin political thriller Shack Out on 101 last night. Caught it playing on TCM and I really enjoyed it. Marvin was really young in the film. He even went shirtless and I must say, he looked hot!

    Arbo – So true! He’s really edgy and incredibly natural. Way ahead of his time and still gaining new fans every year it seems. A classic and a legend.

  5. marvin was super cool…
    i like prime cut and i love hell in the pacific. never really enjoyed point blank.
    my top movie with him is the dirty dozen

    hope one day i will get one issue of the magazine. looks great

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