Jim Carroll 1949-2009


I’m lost again as I am waking
as a wave would wake had it reached the shore:
It’s like movement, something which bores us terribly,
but remains for a time to be never forgotten.

– Jim Carroll (from Living At the Movies)

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4 thoughts on “Jim Carroll 1949-2009

  1. Kimberly Lindbergs says:

    Carroll’s death was a shock to me, but I had seen pictures of him recently that got me wondering about his health.

    I knew Swayze was really sick so his death wasn’t a surprise, but it’s a shame. He was only 57 and at one time he was the picture of perfect health, but cancer is indiscriminate.

    Unfortunately for us all death has no rules or guidelines.

  2. Leif Williams says:

    Hi, nice site here. Any shot at a proper release of the Charles Fox score for the TV show of ‘Love American Style’?? As is, major bucks must forked over on eBay for a copy(!)…..Also, asto the above re: Swayze, don’t you mean ‘indiscriminate’? At any rate, I’ve gotta check your site some more, so off I go–keep up the nice work!

  3. Kimberly Lindbergs says:

    Thanks Leif! Glad you like the site and thanks for correcting my typo. I haven’t heard any news about the release of the Love American Style soundtrack but you might consider contacting the guys at moviegrooves.com about it.

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