Congratulations Mr. Corman!


One of my favorite filmmakers will be getting an Honorary Oscar this year! Surprising news came out of Hollywood this morning when the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that Roger Corman, along with actress Lauren Bacall and cinematographer Gordon Willis will all be recipients of a much deserved Lifetime Achievement Award.

Disappointingly, the Academy has decided not to televise the event and viewers will no longer be able to see these people receive their Lifetime Achievement Awards. One of the main reasons I watch the Oscars every year is to see the Lifetime Achievement Awards handed out to previously neglected artists so I find this turn of events extremely disappointing. I guess the Academy plans to fill airtime with more terrible musical numbers? Who knows. But I suspect that they’ll be loosing lots of viewers who get the most enjoyment from the montage sequences and hope for an opportunity to see old Hollywood mix with new Hollywood. Sadly it seems that old Hollywood isn’t worthy of much television time anymore.

Corman is no stranger to getting Awards. He has his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and in 1996 he was honored by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association with a Career Achievement Award just to name a few of his career accomplishments, but this will be Roger Corman’s first Oscar.

Congratulations Mr. Corman!

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6 thoughts on “Congratulations Mr. Corman!

  1. That is bad news, Kimberly, those montages were the best thing about the Oscars. Surely all three of those recipients deserved to be seen … it’s BACALL, for chrissake.

  2. I would even get a hookup for television just to watch montages of the films of Corman, Bacall and Willis. The television audience that the Academy thinks they are trying to please will never know what they’re missing. Of course it would make the actual awards show besides the point, but then I know some of us would rather watch Attack of the Crab Monsters on an old black and white Dumont TV, than see some of the Oscar nominees in a luxurious IMAX theater.

  3. I think I might bypass the Oscars in 2010 and watch Attack of the Crab Monsters instead in honor of Mr. Corman. Or better yet, maybe I’ll watch a double bill of my own two favorite Corman flicks, The Pit and the Pendulum and The Haunted Palace.

  4. The yearly televised awards stuff is mostly crud anyways.

    The great makeup artist, Dick Smith, was given a special lifetime award in June. From what I read, it seemed like it was a very special event. My hope is that there is better care taken (like with Smith’s) when they are not regulated by specific time restraints of live TV and can gather loved ones and the most formidable and honorable of close colleagues to celebrate properly.

  5. Wow! I just read this from your blog–I can’t believe i missed this news. Overjoyed that I am, I must say it’s about time the Academy honored more than one individual per year. Thanks for posting this.
    – Tom

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