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All summer long Turner Classic Movies is celebrating various actors with their ongoing “Summer Under the Stars” series. But August 10th is truly something to celebrate. Today TCM will be running films that feature one of my all-time favorite actors, the extraordinarily talented and incredibly handsome Dirk Bogarde.

This would be worthy of mention no matter what films they were showing, but TCM has gone out of their way to showcase many of Dirk Bogarde’s best films from the ’50s and ’60s today that are rarely shown in the US and not available on DVD. Some highlights from today’s programing include The Spanish Gardner (Philip Leacock; 1956), Penny Princess (Val Guest; 1952), So Long at the Fair (Terence Fisher & Antony Darnborough; 1950), The Blue Lamp (Basil Dearden; 1950), The Servant (Joseph Losey; 1963), Our Mother’s House (Jack Clayton; 1967) and Darling (John Schlesinger; 1965). They’ll also be playing three films from the popular “Doctor series” (Doctor in the House; 1954, Doctor at Large; 1957, and Doctor in Distress; 1964). The Doctor films were huge hits in the UK and helped make Bogarde a world-renowned film star, but American audiences rarely have the opportunity to see them.

If you happen to be as obsessed with Dirk Bogarde as I am you’ll want to spend the entire day in front of your television. Of course that’s not always possible so consider recording some of these hard to see films for future viewing. Many of these films are not even available in the UK and they’re directed by British luminaries such as Val Guest, Basil Dearden, Jack Clayton and Terrence Fisher. This is truly a rare opportunity to see some great British movies and the event shouldn’t be missed by my fellow Dirk devotees.

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5 thoughts on “Spend Your Day With Dirk Bogarde

  1. I managed to make it all the way through Val Guest’s Penny Princess during the Dirk Bogarde marathon and the only thing that got me through it was Bogarde’s presence.

    My move was delayed until the end of August. Things have gotten even more complicated though since we’re now considering buying our first home.

  2. Buying your first home? Wow! I hope you don’t hit any snags and everything works out. I hope we can buy a home one day ourselves but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Hopefully things will work out but I’m not holding my breath. We still have to go through the loan approval process but our credit, etc. looks pretty darn good so we might have a chance.

    We’re really nervous about it but home prices in CA have dropped 50-65% in some places and it’s highly unlikely that we’ll get this opportunity again.

  4. Just discovered your fantastic blog via googling Patsy Ann Noble…I finally got a VHS to DVD dubbing deck (Toshiba)and am duping Death Is A Woman (1966). Not a great print and missing the beginning ~10 minutes, but wonderful 60s kitsch!
    I’ll be back!

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