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About 5 or 6 months ago I joined The Auteurs. The Auteurs is a Criterion sponsored film site where each member has their own Profile Page and you can watch films, rate films, add films to your “Favorites” and “Watch” lists, and chat with other members in the community forum. I haven’t participated in many forum discussions there, but I do enjoy the ongoing Fake Criterion DVD Covers thread, which I even contributed to. And recently I enjoyed reading someone’s passionate defense of one of my favorite directors, Michelangelo Antonioni.

Now there’s a new reason to visit The Auteurs. The generous and apparently tireless David Hudson has joined up with The Auteurs and will now be providing the cinema obsessed with a steady stream of film news and information there through The Auteurs Twitter micro-blog and a roundup of sorts at The Auteurs Notebook simply called The Auteurs Daily.

I started using Twitter in February and I think it’s become an extremely useful blogging tool for sharing tiny bits of news and information that isn’t necessarily worthy of a lengthy blog post. I also like the fact that I can embed my “Tweets” into Cinebeats so regular visitors to my blog can easily find out what I’ve been up to lately if they take a look at my sidebar. This easy to use blogging format seems tailored made for David Hudson so I look forward to following him on Twitter.

David Hudson previously wrote for the GreenCine Daily as well The IFC Daily and he’s also a longtime Cinebeats’ supporter. I’m extremely grateful for the encouragement that David has offered me directly and indirectly in the past couple of years so I wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors!

Convenient Link Roundup:
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  1. I’ve thought about joining the Auteurs, but I’ve always been under the impression that it’s a specialized Netflix, and that Netflix has most of the stuff they do.

    However, upon actually looking at the site, I’m very impressed.

  2. Many thanks, Kimberly – and my heart skips a beat hearing that Antonioni’s one of your favorite directors! Same goes for me; and of course, it was almost exactly three years ago… Sigh.

  3. Paul – I know The Auteurs is associated with Criterion, Celluloid Dreams, Costa Films and Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation but I don’t believe Netflix is affiliated with them at all. The site is really impressive and has a lot of potential. I recommend giving it a try. You can also use it in association with Twitter & Facebook.

    David – No need to thank me, David! I’m really grateful for all the news & information you provide the online film community. And 3 cheers for Antonioni! It’s so nice to see his work being passionately defended on the forum. I never tire of his films. They seem to grow richer every time I watch them.

  4. VJESCI – Really? I’m not sure why you find The Auteurs a “clique” but couldn’t that criticism be leveled at any web forum or community film site? I don’t personally have much time for chat forums, etc. but I enjoy a good amount of the content at The Auteurs. It also seems that the new TCM fan site has copied or “borrowed” some of their ideas from The Auteurs, which seems a bit odd to me. But I think it’s obvious that The Auteurs has a lot to offer cinephiles right now including free films to watch. And lastly, since you’ve obviously just joined the TCM forum (today?) I find your enthusiasm for it a little suspect. But I think there’s plenty of room for different film sites and considering the multitude of choices that are available right now, film fans have plenty to choose from.

  5. Yeah, OK. You talked me into it. I joined even though I feel ambivalent about Criterion, and I feel like I’m a wandering ronin in the world of bloggers based on the comments I get.

  6. Peter – Now if I can just get you on Twitter all will be right with the world! As for the lack of comments, my own blog is pretty comment-less as well lately. Whatcha gonna do? I’ve been tempted to remove the comment option on my blog and may have to soon due to my upcoming move and other obligations. Right now I don’t have the free time to respond to comments left on my older posts or comment on other blogs so I feel a little bad about that. Removing the comment option here would probably make life easier.

  7. Hi Kimberly
    I also recently joined The Auteurs. Strange that I compulsively studied the Janus and Criterion catalogs for years as a film programmer and Criterion collector, but it took me this long to join. I haven’t explored it fully yet, but love what I’ve seen so far- especially the design projects! There are some amazing covers out there, and for films I’d love to see on Criterion. Which ones did you do? I will make some mock-up covers for Spy Vibe soon and post them on my blog/website and The Auteurs.

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