Do You Sleep In The Nude?

In the summer of 1968 film critic and renowned gossip Rex Reed published his best selling book Do You Sleep in the Nude? The title came from an unusual question that Reed had supposedly directed at actress Ava Gardner during a notorious interview he conducted for Esquire Magazine. That same year Trudy Owett of New York Magazine decided to ask six young up-and-coming actresses the same question. Jenny O’Hara, Shelley Plimpton, Gayle Hunnicutt, Ali MacGraw, Jane Merrow and Lauren Hutton offer their responses in the comic book inspired photo story (and nightwear ad) below.




  1. Thanks for sharing your own sleeping preferences, Greg. My father wore the same thing if memory serves me right, but I think socks were part of his look as well. My own preference is for old oversized t-shirts.

  2. Rex Reed was a gorgeous looking guy. I bought that book from Larry Edmonds Bookstore in 1976 and while I was browsing, overheard the salesclerk answering a phone enquiry having to spell out the address –
    “H – O – L – L -Y -W -O -O -D”

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