Cinema Retro #14

In a unexpected coincidence the newest issue of Cinema Retro has just been published and it features a terrific in-depth article on Jack Cardiff’s 1968 film Girl On a Motorcycle by Dean Brierly. It’s definitely one of the most detailed pieces about Cardiff’s film that I’ve come across and it contains many beautiful images from the movie as well. After Cardiff passed away recently I was surprised by the lack of attention given to the film’s he directed in the numerous obits I read so it’s great to see Girl On a Motorcycle getting some much deserved critical consideration and praise. If you’re a fan of the film or just interested in the movie and Cardifff’s directing efforts, the latest issue of Cinema Retro is well worth picking up!

The latest issue also features great interviews with the American actors James Caan, Ernest Borgnine and Harry Northup as well as actress Karen Black, articles on various Michael Winner films including the great Charles Bronson vehicle Chato’s Land (1972) and one of my favorite horror films from the ’70s, The Sentinel (1977). You’ll also find a brief piece about the early films made by Clint Eastwood (The Beguiled, Play Misty for Me and Breezy), which I enjoyed reading since his early horror films are often overlooked and I believe that The Beguiled and Play Misty for Me are two of Clint Eastwood’s best movies.

You’ll find a lot more worthwhile reading in the new issue of Cinema Retro so head on over to the Cinema Retro site where you can order yourself a copy of issue #14 online or subscribe to the magazine: Cinema Retro

All of my own posts related to The Girl On a Motorcycle can be accessed here and I’ll try and share a bit more about the film before it’s upcoming DVD re-release on May 19th.

12 thoughts on “Cinema Retro #14

  1. Ooh! Always good to see people speak highly of THE BEGUILED. I can’t imagine why that doesn’t get more attention. It’s a terrific movie.

    I also really love the other movies mentioned, but I think we’ve discussed many of them before.

  2. THE BEGUILED is a terrific film! I’d love to see Eastwood move away from melodrama and return to his horror/thriller roots. THE BEGUILED and PLAY MISTY FOR ME are both great movies and I think Eastwood showed a real knack for creating eerie atmospheric films with a lot of suspense.

    I’m pretty sure we probably discussed THE SENTINEL at some point. It’s such a creepy movie and I haven’t seen it in ages. After reading the article about it in Cinema Retro I’ve been inspired to revisit it again soon.

  3. Wow, darling Kimberly, your blog sure has changed! Woo Hoo! I’m feelin’ the love for Girl on a Motorcycle which I have not seen, but who doesn’t love Marianne F? The only chick cooler is Anita P, and maybe you, of course!

  4. Thanks a bunch Rick & Erich! I’m glad you’re both enjoying the new blog look.

    Erich – I hope you get the chance to see GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE soon! I think you’d find it really interesting and it’s a beautiful looking film thanks to Cardiff’s photography.

  5. Glad to hear you say such nice things about Cardiff and PLAY MISTY FOR ME, Kimberly — we Macistes have been slaving over our analysis of PMFM and DARK OF THE SUN for a while now — so reading this piece makes us feel like we haven’t been completely wasting our time. Especially concerning PMFM, since we’ve basically broken the film down into micromoments and have given every millimoment — every image and gesture — of this film a thorough going over, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s one of the best films we’ve ever seen! Hopefully, we’ll be able to post this sometime in the next few weeks. It’s titanic. DARK OF THE SUN is another epic tome of psychoanalysis — much too much to say. But this will probably finally see the light of day by next week. We’re into quality, not quantity over at DESTRUCTIBLE MAN… Kevin and I were particularly struck by PMFM and DOTS — these films usually prompt a fond memory, but too much is taken for granted or just not even examined in these two very, very deceptively simple/complex films. You can add William Castle’s STRAIT-JACKET to that as well. We’ll be posting a very thorough walk-thru of Castle’s unacknowledged genius sometime next week — as soon as I settle back into my east coast digs after the weekend. Another Eastwood we’re working on reviewing for TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK is BREEZY. It is an excellent companion piece to PMFM and, we feel, another of Eastwood’s best films. Kay Lenz is extraordinary.

    Anyway — we also wanted to add that while we miss the old site design, the new one is equally incredible. We envy your ability.

  6. Howard – Thanks for ending your lengthy advertisement of your own blog with a nice word about my new blog design. You must work as a salesman in your spare time. 😉

    PLAY MISTY FOR ME has been a favorite of mine for about 25-30 years since I first caught it playing late one night on TV. I look forward to your coverage of the film.

    I should watch BREEZY again since frankly it didn’t do much for me the first time I saw it. I do like Kay Lenz (and William Holden) a lot though.

  7. …which brings me to my REAL point…I just so happen to be selling my 1991 Acura if any of your readers are interested!;)

  8. But . . but . . . The Beguiled was directed by Don Siegel. An interesting film that was a commercial failure, too arty for Eastwood’s usual audience, too Eastwood for the usual arthouse crowd. I liked it when it first came out and liked it when I saw it on TV in Thailand on a channel that showed nothing but English language movies.

  9. The Beguiled was directed by Don Siegel.

    Indeed it was (and Cinema Retro makes that clear even if I didn’t). I always think of it as Eastwood’s movie though for numerous reasons. Mainly because it was really his baby from everything I’ve read about the production and I guess the style and atmosphere just seems so different from Siegel’s other work (at least to me anyway).

  10. Thanks for the kind words regarding my “GOAM” article. And congrats on your redesign. Still one of the best film blogs out there.

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