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Sad news this morning from India. Bollywood legend Feroz Khan has died at age 69 due to complications from cancer. Feroz Khan is beloved by Bollywood fans for his work as a director and actor who appeared in many of his own productions such as Apradh (1972), Dharmatma (1975), Qurbani (1979), Janbaaz (1986) and Yalgaar (1992).

I’ve only had the opportunity to see a few of Feroz Khan’s films myself, but I was impressed with his versatility as well as his ability to wear so many creative hats. He had some impressive directing skills and clearly enjoyed playing with light, color and framing while making his films. He also knew how to shoot a great action scene! His creativity as a film maker is showcased in the clips below.

Great musical number from the Feroz Khan film Apradh (1972)

Terrific action scene is from the Feroz Khan film Dharmatma (1975)

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7 thoughts on “Feroz Khan 1939-2009

  1. He was incredible in Qurbani- too bad his son is too much of a Hollywood wannabe. In the recent years though, he wasted his time in some really bad bollywood movies, typecast as the bald, fashion-forward villain. His best features (according to me) were his powerful eyes and his deep barritone voice (add that to his flawless dialogue delivery and it’ll give you shivers)- typical traits of a Pathan, the clan of people originating from Afghanistan.

    RIP The Great Khan.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Khan, Gautam!

    I’m not familiar with his later films so I’m glad you talked about it a bit. He seems like a fascinating guy and I thought his work as an actor and director was very good in the two films I shared clips from.

  3. The sound effects are great. I’m personally fond of the colorful smoke bombs. All bombs should explode with no serious impact in a cloud of bright color!

  4. dear friend’s ,,,,,,it’s really sad new’s 4 us becoz feroz khan,,,,,,,was such a mindblowing actor,,,,,,he was not a good actor he was also a good person,,,,,,,,,,,,we alwasys respect him n we will ,,,,,,,,,,,,love to all

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