When I first started Cinebeats back in April of 2006 there were very few bloggers writing about cult films and what fans like to lovingly refer to as “trash cinema.” But one of my favorite blogs to visit back then was Nick Frame’s DVD Trash Blog, which has been around since 2005. Nick hails from Glasgow and he also writes reviews for the terrific film site 10,000 Bullets. Nick obviously loves the movies he writes about and I always enjoy reading what he has to say about the latest DVD releases available in the UK.

Nick and I were both members of the much missed Horror Roundtable that took place every week at the now silent Horror Blog. It was a great multi-contributor film discussion that anyone was welcome to contribute to. Now Nick has decided to create a similarly styled weekly Q & A session at his own blog simply called The DVD Trash Roundtable and I suspect that the topics might be a little more far reaching then just horror films.

Much like the Horror Roundtable, the DVD Trash Roundtable is an open invitation event. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun so please consider stopping by the DVD Trash Blog and participating in the first round of questions and answers!

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