On the Couch with Claudia Cardinale

Delon & Cardinale in The Leopard (1963)
Alain Delon and Claudia Cardinale in The Leopard (1963)

I came across a recent interview with the lovely actress Claudia Cardinale that I just had to share. It took place on February 3, 2009 and I think it’s a fun read. In the brief interview she talks about her past work with director’s like Luchino Visconti and Fellini, and she reflects a lot on the the acting profession in general. I was especially touched when the actress fondly mentioned how close she is with her one time co-star, Alain Delon.

‘Alain often calls me, we are very close,’ Claudia continues. ‘He always says that even though our romance was only on screen we will be together forever!’

From her recent interview found at the European magazine Cafebabel.com.

9 thoughts on “On the Couch with Claudia Cardinale

  1. Hi Kimberley, thanks for sharing this. It’s true. Until now they are very close. I often read about them attending this or that function together in Paris, along with Alain’s long-time companion and friend, Mireille Darc. Claudia also often went to see Alain’s theater performances. It seems these two actors really get along well, although never as lovers. I wish they had done more movies together in the past!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, Dannie!

    I’ve seen photos of Claudia at one of Delon’s play openings (along with the songstress Mireille Darc), but I didn’t know if it was just a formal event that she was attending. It’s nice to know that they’re good friends still and I thought Delon’s sentiments were really sweet.

  3. Thanks for the link and great cap. The Last Romantic Couple, I would call it. I saw THE LEOPARD in 35mm on the big screen and it was one of the greatest movie experiences I ever had. Didn’t buy the DVD because I’m not sure I want to see it reduced in scale.

    Delon is a class act. Delon defines Class. He is an immortal. He somehow becomes an indelible part of your consciousness once you see him. He does something no other Star-Actor does. I hope someday to finish my appreciation of him I’ve been working on.

  4. I love Alain Delon! Robert’s right, He’s a Class Act, remember how sweet he is with the awesome Elsa Lanchester in that conversation with Dick Cavett?

  5. That Dick Cavett interview is great! His voice can melt butter.

    Even though Delon’s my favorite actor and I’ve devoted a lot of time to him, I have issues with some of his behavior. Nobody is perfect of course, but his treatment of Nico and their son together isn’t very classy.

    As an actor though, he’s tops!

  6. Well, what can I say?

    My university educated brain wants to say something profound about your amazing site, but Peewee Herman keeps elbowing his way in and hopping about like a Chimpanzee with a fierce Jones!!

    This really is first rate stuff!! A cornucopia of filmic delights and cinematic bon bons!!

    Caludia Cardinale…again, what can I say? (I could start by spelling her name correctly!) Claudia was such a…

    Is miracle too strong a word?

    I will always remember her grace and dignity alongside that madman Klaus Kinski in ‘Fitzcarraldo’; to see her on set with that nutbag must have been like watching Dakota Fanning taking a nature walk with Charles Manson!

    And Alain Delon!! Merde!! What range! That man had something for absolutely everyone!! And yet…let me say this; even though on IMDB his list of credits is taller than I am, he always seemed to bring to each and every role a kind of…what’s the word I’m thinking of?? Similar to cult, fringe or marginal, but closer to a kind of…

    He was never obvious! As Al Pacino put it in ‘Devil’s Advocate’, Delon never ‘let you see him coming’; even when you did in fact see him coming! He gave nothing away, and at the same time, gave everything.

    A walking contradiction; a legend in his time, and for all time; a complete original. There never has been, nor will there ever be, anyone quite like Delon.

    When our PHD’s fail us, when eloquence escapes us, we must seek refuge in plain speaking and the language of the everyman; ‘Men wanna be him, women wanna be with him?’ Need we say more??

    Well done, all of you, and keep up the great work!!


  7. mandingo – Many, many thanks for the kind words about my site! I’m really glad you enjoy it. The Cardinale interview is terrific and she sounds really gracious and very thoughtful in it. Thanks again!!

  8. My intro to the devastating Claudia was a Netflix coincidence; I ended up renting The Leopard and The Professionals one after the other, having no idea who she was. While it must’ve taken me two weeks to get through The Leopard, I still loved it (particularly its obvious Godfather influence), & her ferocious turn in The Professionals was also a pleasure.

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