In my last post I mentioned that I had recently started “Twittering” so I’ve decided to try and “Live Tweet” the Oscars tonight starting at 5 pm Pacific time. Feel free to join in the fun! You can find my latest Tweets posted on my Cinebeats Twitter Profile. Expect to read lots of off-the-cuff remarks that I’ll probably regret sharing later.

Some Links:
The Official Academy of Motion Picture Arts Site
The Official 81st Oscar Site
David Hudson’s Collection of Award Related Links for IFC Daily

Feb. 23 Update:
As is often the case, the Oscars were rather dull and most of the musical numbers dreadful. I thought Hugh Jackman was an awful host and the worst moment came when Queen Latifah sang a song through the “dead people” montage that happens every year. Lots of people were left out of it as well. I was also really disappointed that Mickey Rourke didn’t win Best Actor. But besides all the typos, I did enjoy my experiment with “Twittering Live.”

The best surprise of the evening for me was when the Japanese actor Masahiro Motoki appeared on stage with director Yojiro Takita to except the award for Best Foreign Film. Masahiro Motoki is one of my favorite Japanese actors and he’s appeared in many of my favorite Japanese films made in the last 15 years such as Gonin (1995), The Mystery of Rampo (1994), The Bird People in China (1998), Gemini (1999) and even the Black Jack (2000-2001) live action television series based on Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga. I haven’t seen the Oscar winning film Departures yet, but it wasn’t expected to win last nights award for Best Foreign Film and before last night I had no idea that Masahiro Motoki was one of the film’s stars. When he took the stage I was shocked and extremely happy to see him there.

Masahiro Motoki at the Oscars
Masahiro Motoki at the 81st Oscars with one of his costars from Departures.

By request – a few more photos of Masahiro Motoki at this years Oscars ceremony. Plus a couple of bonus pics!

Masahiro Motoki at the Oscars

Masahiro Motoki at the Oscars

Masahiro Motoki

9 thoughts on “Twittering the Oscars

  1. Boy that In Memoriam segment was just pure awfulness wasn’t it? Apparently they also got Kon Ichikawa’s photo wrong (my buddy Chris of the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow said it was actually a photo of Rentaro Mikuni).

    “Departures” winning certainly was the biggest surprise of the night for me, but it’s done gangbusters box-office in Japan apparently.

  2. Masahiro Motoki is a very, very handsome man, indeed.

    Some people were underwhelmed, but I liked it when they brought out past winners to pay tribute to the acting nominees. It was far better seeing artists of some caliber like Anjelica Huston, Eva Marie Saint, Robert de Niro, Christopher Walken, and Anthony Hopkins and such as presenters rather than questionable luminaries such as J. Lo.

    Hiya Kimberly! I’ve been a longtime fan of your blog, but I’ve always preferred to lurk. I couldn’t resist jutting my head out of anonymity because I’ve been looking all over for photos and videos of Masahiro at the Oscars. Could our fabulous hostess extend a helping hand, please? 🙂

  3. Bob – I didn’t see Kon Ichikawa’s photo in the death montage and just assumed they forgot to include him along with Patrick McGoohan and John Philip Law. Maybe they were all there and I missed them? The thing was so badly executed that I missed half of it and by that time I’d already gone through 2 glasses of wine.

    There was so much talk about Waltz with Bashir winning that I just assumed it would. I haven’t had the chance to see any of the Best Foreign film nominees so I have no opinion of them yet, but I’m happy for Masahiro since I really like him. Even Masahiro didn’t think his movie had a chance. He was quoted in Haaretz as saying:

    “I saw the Israeli movie which I honestly had thought would win as it was wonderful,” Masahiro Motoki told reporters. “So I walked the red carpet as a hanger-on who just observes the ceremony. Now I regret that I did not walk with more confidence.”

    Martin – Thanks for the nice words and I’m glad you enjoy my blog. As for Masahiro, yes he is a handsome man! I’ve posted a couple of other photos from the Oscars with Masahiro so I hope you enjoy them. I found them at Japanese news sites. I also posted some Masahiro eye-candy as well.

    One of my favorite things about the Oscars is seeing all the old stars come out and I really enjoyed seeing people like Eva Marie Saint, Sophia Loren, etc. on stage. I’m not sure how I feel about the way the awards were presented but it was really an amazing site to see them all on stage together.

  4. What a truly breath-taking site; I feel as though I have stumbled into the blog equivalent of a flea market with a room at the back full of original one sheets from the ‘platinum age’, and I can just help myself!

    Give me a moment to revive myself, get my breath back, drink a glass of water, take a seat and go through these goodies slowly, and langourously (forgive me if this is not the right word, but word fail me at the moment…)

    What a treat!!

  5. Eye candy, indeed! Thank you, thank you 🙂 I wish I had the means to get my hands on those photobooks wherein Masahiro is all deshabille!

    I’m very much looking forward to your best DVDs of 2008 post!

  6. …great post, until the “eye candy”!… I like motoki too. I’d just put my hands on an original “bird people in china” poster last week, so I had a sense in my mind motoki was due some kind of renaissance soon. the oscar could kick-start it for him…

  7. Martin – Glad you like the pics! The photo book you’re after is called “White Rooms” by Kishin Shinoyama. It’s full of beautiful nude photographs of the actor and I’m pretty sure you can buy it at Amazon Japan. It also shows up on ebay occasionally.

    I hope to have my DVD list before the month ends. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon.

    logboy – Ha, ha! Well some of us like looking at Motoki. 😉
    I hope the film’s success does give him more opportunities. He’s really good and deserves all the success that comes his way.

    Today’s editorial in The Japan Times is an interesting read that addresses how Departures’ Oscar win could effect the Japanese film industry. You can find it here.

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