Jeremy over at Moon in the Gutter invited me to participate in the ongoing Alphabet Film Meme a few weeks ago and over the long holiday weekend I finally got around to compiling a list of vampire films for it. Due to the recent success of the new Twilight film that is turning a whole new generation of teenage girls into vampire fans, it seems like movies about bloodsuckers are a timely topic. Vampires inhabit one of my favorite horror film genres and I’ve literally seen hundreds of vampire movies so it was actually pretty easy to compile a list. In an effort to make this meme a little more challenging for myself I decided to limit my list to vampire films made in the ’60s and ’70s. On a couple of occasions I used a less common name for a movie that is known by multiple titles so don’t be surprised when you see Blood for Dracula listed as Andy Warhol’s Dracula. I won’t bother asking anyone else to participate since I’m pretty sure every film blogger in the universe has already participated in this thing.

Blood for Dracula (1974)

A. Andy Warhol’s Dracula (Paul Morrissey; 1974) .
B. Blood and Roses (Roger Vadim; 1960)
C. Countess Dracula (Peter Sasdy; 1971)
D. Daughters of Darkness (Harry Kumel; 1971) .
E. Evil of Dracula (Michio Yamamoto; 1974)

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

F. Fearless Vampire Killers, The (Roman Polanski; 1967)
G. Ganja and Hess (Bill Gunn; 1972)
H. House of Dark Shadows (Dan Curtis; 1970)
I. Incense for the Damned (Robert Hartford-Davis; 1970)
J. Jonathan (Hans W. Geissendorfer; 1970)

Kiss of the Vampire (1963)

K. Kiss of the Vampire, The (Don Sharp; 1963)
L. Lips of Blood (Jean Rollin; 1975)
M. Martin (George Romero; 1977)
N. Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Werner Herzog; 1979)
O. Omega Man, The (Boris Sagal; 1971)
P. Planet of the Vampires (Mario Bava; 1965)

Queen of Blood (1966)

Q. Queen of Blood (Curtis Harrington; 1966)
R. Rabid (David Cronenberg; 1977)
S. Satanic Rites of Dracula, The (Alan Gibson; 1973)
T. Twins of Evil (John Hough; 1971)
U. Ultima preda del vampiro, L’ (Piero Regnoli; 1962)

Vampire Circus (1972)

V. Vampire Circus (Robert Young; 1972)
W. Werewolf Shadow (Leon Klimovsky; 1971)
X. Xi xue fu (Tie Li; 1962)*
Y. Young Hannah: Queen of the Vampires (Julio Salvador/Ray Danton; 1973)
Z. Zoltan, Hound of Dracula (Albert Band; 1978)

*I’ve seen every film listed except Xi xue fu (aka Vampire Woman).

8 thoughts on “A Vampire Film Alphabet

  1. This list is so quintessentially ‘you’ Kim. May I say that your inclusion of Yamamoto’s Evil of Dracula and the lovely, lovely, Teresa Gimpera’s “Young Hannah…” brought a huge smile to my face. – all the best.

  2. Hey Kimberly. Cool list. I love how you just did vampire movies. Those are some of my favorite movies. You did some that I’ve never seen before.

  3. Hey Kimberly,
    Thanks for participating. I love the list and think it’s a great idea…several here I haven’t seen yet so they are going on my own ‘to see as soon as possible’ list…and once again, what do we have to do to get Vadim’s incredible Blood and Roses out on disc?

  4. Well not every film blogger has done it. I still haven’t despite numberous tags. But this list breathes new life into it (although I still refuse to do it). I immediately scrolled down to see if Twins of Evil was your pick for “T” and it was. I was very happy to see that.

  5. Peter – Thanks! Naturally bloodletting seems to make a lot of vampires happy. 😉

    Chick – You’re too kind! It’s nice to see someone else who appreciates Yamamoto’s vampire films. I should write them up soon since they deserve more attention.

    Keith – Thanks much!

    Jeremy – I hope you get a chance to see the films mentioned that you’ve haven’t had the opportunity to view yet. So me of them are rather hard to see. As for Vadim’s Blood and Roses, I really wish some smart DVD company would get on that release! Maybe the sudden interest in vampire films will spark the release of some older and neglected films on DVD.

    Jonathan – The whole meme thing is just silly and this one in particular is rather pointless, which is why I tried to make it interesting for myself. I really should write-up Twins of Evil. Not only is it one of my favorite vamp films, but it’s also one of my favorite Hammer films.

  6. WOW! This list doesn’t just contain vampires, but class-act, grade-A, excellent vampires that remind us all of how cool that particular movie monster can be–PLUS killer posters. Awesome work, and I’m impressed that your list is DOUBLY-themed since you’ve seen pretty much all of these titles (X is a sticky wicket, innit?). I bow to your continued amazing movie-fu, Kim 🙂

  7. Thanks muchly Kate! I kind of surprised myself when I started realizing how many vamp films I’ve managed to see over the years. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see Xi xue fu sometime too. I just noticed your nunsploitation list and enjoyed that too!

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