Inazuman Coming to DVD November 21

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Go Go Goro!
Top: Inazuman and cover art for the new DVD Collection.
Bottom: A sneak peek into Cinebeats’ secret lair where a few Inazuman figures
and others are on display.

One of my favorite tokusatsu shows is getting the deluxe DVD treatment this month! On November 21st. JN Entertainment will be releasing a special 4-Disc DVD collection featuring all 25 episodes of Inazuman (aka Lightning Man), which have been digitally remastered and subtitled in English. Inazuman originally appeared on Japanese television in October 1973 and ran for six months. The show is based on an original manga series by Shotaro Ishinomori who was responsible for creating many of Japan’s most popular henshin heroes including Kamen Rider, Kikaider and Goranger (the first “sentai” team).

From the DVD press release:
Riding on the success and popularity of the Toei tokusatsu (live-action) series of the 70’s KIKAIDA, JN Productions and Generation Kikaida will release another action- packed Japanese superhero DVD box set INAZUMAN on November 21, 2008. Inazuman, the Fighter for Freedom, battles mutant monsters of the evil Bamba Empire who are threatening the world.

Watari Goro, a college student, saves two youngsters from the Neo-Human Empire’s Fantom Army and brought to the headquarters of the Youth League, a group of pure-hearted young mutants with psionic powers. Their leader, Captain Sarra, awakens Goro to his own extrasensory abilities that allow him to transform—first into Sanagiman, then—into the mighty Inazuman. With the aid of the amazing flying car, Raijingo, Inazuman battles the evil forces of Bamba to liberate mankind.

All 25 electrifying episodes of Toei Company & Ishimori Productions’ 1973 series INAZUMAN are packaged in a glossy four-disc box set—digitally remastered, completely uncut, and fully subtitled in English—for the first time anywhere on Region 1 DVD.

This exciting box set also contains an array of special features which include interviews with series star, Ban Daisuke and Generation Kikaida fans from Japan and Hawaii, Inazuman Karaoke, interactive Trivia Quiz, Character Profiles, and detailed, behind-the-scenes Factoids. The INAZUMAN Complete Series Box Set will be sold in Honolulu by Shirokiya at Ala Moana Center and through the Generation Kikaida website.

Inazuman Monsters
Some of the incredible monsters Inazuman was forced to fight.

The Inazuman DVD collection promises to be one of the most exciting DVD releases of the year! If you enjoy Japanese science fiction and haven’t had the opportunity to see the show before you’re in for a real treat. Inazuman is a lot of fun and it’s colorful costumes, entertaining special effects, great score and pop art sensibility should appeal to fans of Irwin Allen and the original Batman television series as well as anyone who enjoys classic Japanese shows like Ultraman and Kamen Rider.

You can currently pre-order the Inazuman DVD collection from the offical Generation Kikaida Store online. At the moment the 4 disc set is selling for $99 and comes with a limited Inazuman T-shirt. Hopefully single discs will be sold in the future so people can purchase them individually and they should also be available for rent at Netflix and Greencine after November 21st.

Watch the eye-popping opening credits for Inazuman (1973)

4 thoughts on “Inazuman Coming to DVD November 21

  1. Hey Kimberly. Wow! That looks really cool. I’ve been getting more into Japanese science fiction. This definiteyl looks like something I would enjoy. Thanks for bringing it up. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Wow… that red monster is amazing. He’s like a mix between a totem pole and a west Texas cactus!

    Bless the Japanese.

  3. I wish I had sound effects like that whenever I jumped off a small hill of dirt. And I love that huge yellow caribiner clip he uses to pull the building back up.

    This looks like glorious ridiculous fun.

  4. Keith – I think you’d enjoy the show a lot.

    Fox – “He’s like a mix between a totem pole and a west Texas cactus.” So true! The monster designs are terrific in Inazuman.

    Bob – Inazuman is most definitely “glorious ridiculous fun” and I hope you get a kick out of the show if you get a chance to watch it!

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