“It’s the 40th anniversary of one of the most tumultuous years in world history: 1968”
– Raymond Benson

For the next two weeks the fine folks at Britannica will be hosting a film forum at the Britannica Blog where James Bond book author and Cinemaretro contributor Raymond Benson will be discussing his Top 10 Favorite Films from 1968 with a series of posts about each film.

I was invited to participate along with some other great bloggers and critics so I hope my readers will make some time to visit the site in the following weeks. There will be opportunities to win some nice prizes and I’m sure the films discussed will be of interest to anyone who enjoys ’60s era cinema.

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  1. I wasn’t born until 1970, but I still really dig the 60’s. That’s the era that I’m most into. I’ll definitely be checking this out. There was so much great music, film, etc. during that decade. It was quite a tumultuous time in this country and the world.

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