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Jean Seberg in Moment to Moment (1965) wearing a Yves Saint Laurent Design.

Just a brief round-up of some news & info that I thought I’d share . . .

– Fashion and costume designer Yves Saint Laurent died today at the age of 71. In the world of film, costume designers rarely get the acclaim that they should but Yves Saint Laurent’s wonderful work appeared in some great movies throughout the years and he helped define women’s fashion in the sixties. To read more about Laurent’s impressive contribution to the art of cinema please see my brief tribute to Yves Saint Laurent’s work called The Fine Art of Fashion: Yves Saint Laurent.

Actresses and models’ Ira von Fürstenberg and Capucine
modeling Yves Saint Laurent designs in 1965/66.

On a lighter note . . .

– Film director Paul Schrader has a terrific website now where he has published a lot of his film writing and lately I’ve been enjoying going through the archives. Schrader’s early film writing was heavily influenced by the legendary critic Pauline Kael and I don’t agree with a lot of his youthful opinions but his writing is still fascinating to read and naturally improves over time. Some highlights you can find on his site include Yakuza-Eiga: A Primer, which he wrote for Film Comment in 1974 and his 2001 essay in Film Comment on his break from Pauline Kael called Pauline Kael 1919 – 2001: My Family Drama. It’s interesting to read about how the director broke away from Kael’s influence and started thinking more for himself, which is somewhat highlighted in one of the richest pieces available on his site titled The Film Canon from a 2006 issue of Film Comment. A direct link to Paul Schrader’s writing archives can be found here.

– Peppino De Luca’s terrific score for Dorian Gray (Il Dio Chaimato Dorian, 1970) has long been one of my favorite film soundtracks and it was recently released on CD for the first time by Italy’s Digitmovies. Previously some tacks from the film were only available on a a compilation CD called Barry 7’s Connectors Volume 2 but now fans of the film can finally enjoy De Luca’s soundtrack in its entirety.

Hopefully my next post will be a little longer!

8 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. Welcome back! Just a note to say that I read Schrader’s article when it came out in “Film Comment”. I love the screenwriters’ motto. I got to meet Schrader to discuss his book on Ozu, Dreyer and Bresson the day after he introduced a couple of yakuza films at the Museum of Modern Art. (And I am still waiting to see the Red Peony films on DVD.)

  2. Thanks Peter! Schrader’s an interesting guy and an under-appreciated director in my opinion. It must have been fun to meet him and discuss Japanese films. The Red Peony films are occasionally available on bootleg DVD. If you have no qualms with that you might try looking for them on ebay.

  3. Thanks for a great Yves Saint Laurent remembrance– with your love of sixties pop culture, I wondered if you’d post something. He really was an amazing talent, wasn’t he?

  4. I was really sad to hear of YSL’s passing. He’s a fashion genius. He had an eye for style, class, and sophistication that many others didn’t. I loved the way he dressed Catherine Deneuve.

  5. I’m kinda stuck with the image of being able to dress Catherine Deneuve…Let’s see if I can get over that. Wait, why would I want to get over that?

    Thanks for the link to the Schrader articles. In particular the Yakuza history. I can’t wait to dig into it.

    By the way, I did also want to express my sympathies for your recent loss – your article made me wish I knew him.

  6. A great lost to the fashion world. He revolutionates te clothing and attitude of models. Unfortunately, nobody is etternal – like said sometime in his novels the writer John Steinbeck. Now he will make your creations in heaven.

    Cine cumpliments to you.

  7. that picture up there, where it’s two pictures together and only the outside corners are rounded, how did you do it?

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