The very nice Christine Makepeace recently contacted me to let me know about a quarterly magazine she writes for called Paracinema so I decided to give it a look. When the winter issue of Paracinema arrived in my mailbox last week I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the wide array of subjects the magazine covers. Within the pages of Paracinema you’ll find articles on directors Dario Argento and Pier Paolo Pasolini, as well as an insightful piece on David Cronenberg’s Scanners (1981) and a look at H.P. Lovecraft film adaptations. Comic book author Robert Kirkman also provides the magazine with a list of his “Top 5 Cult Films” and The Food Network’s Duff Goldman offers up a list of ten of his “Favorite Films” as well.

One of my favorite articles in the winter issue of Paracinema was Christine’s “10 Totally Biased Reasons The Never Ending Story Is The Best Fantasy Film Ever.” I don’t personally think that The Never Ending Story (1984) is the best fantasy film ever made, but it is a good movie that’s often overlooked and I really enjoyed Christine’s enthusiastic take on Wolfgang Petersen’s underappreciated film.

With outlets like Tower Records gone and the prices of printing increasing every day, more and more small press magazines are disappearing. It’s not easy to keep a print magazine running so I applaud Paracinema‘s efforts.

If you’d like to purchase issues of Paracinema please visit the Paracinema Magazine Website. You can also visit the Paracinema Blog that Christine Makepeace regularly contributes to.

5 thoughts on “Paracinema Magazine

  1. That’s a really cool cover. Sounds like an interesting magazine. I always have loved The Neverending Story. Not sure I would say it’s the best, but it is a movie I can watch still today.

  2. Very cool link–thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to nab a copy for myself. It’s nice to see a print magazine embracing an “umbrella” approach to genre entertainment. Cover’s lovely and eye-catching, too.

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