When Lt. Joan Harrington isn’t tracking UFOs, she’s reading Cinebeats!

I just discovered that Cinebeats has been nominated for a 2008 Blogger’s Choice Award in the category of “Best Pop Culture Blog”. I have no expectations of winning since I’m up against celebrity gossip blogs and sites about modern pop culture icons like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and various American Idol contestants, but the groovy Batman Bat Blog seems to be doing well, so maybe there’s hope for me yet?

If you happen to prefer Elke Sommer to Paris Hilton and would rather listen to Bibari Maeda sing Japanese pop songs from the sixties instead of Britney Spears croak out her latest hit, vote for Cinebeats! Let’s be honest, no matter how good the latest hit movies out of Hollywood are, they’re often just poor imitations of better movies made many years ago. A vote for Cinebeats is a vote for quality pop culture! Or maybe it’s just a vote for an aging hipster’s nostalgic meanderings? Whatever the case, you decide!

Just visit the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards to vote or nominate your favorite blogs. Voting goes on throughout the year and winners will be announced in late 2008. A lot of great blogs I enjoy reading have been nominated in various categories so far including Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, Scanners and Mod*Mom. The Blogger Choice Awards allow voters to vote for as many blogs as they like in any category so if you like numerous Pop Culture Blogs don’t hesitate to vote for them all.

My site was nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog!

16 thoughts on “The 2008 Blogger Choice Awards

  1. I see you noticed. I was happy to nominate you and Dennis, you both deserve it. I can proudly say I was the first person to vote for Cinebeats and Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.

  2. Awesome and well deserved Kimberly! I will give you a vote as soon as they approve my registration. In the meantime I left you a show of support over at Moon In The Gutter which hopefully will bring even more votes…great job and good luck!

  3. You guys are the best! Many thanks for the votes and nice comments. If Cinebeats gets 10 votes, it will be a minor miracle.

    And a super big Thank You to super cool Jonathan for nominating Cinebeats in the first place!

  4. Congratulations, Kimberly, for this richly deserved nomination! I will be sure to join the above gang of voting fans. Wish you a great ’08.

  5. As in Chicago, I believe in voting early and often, especially when you’re dead. Off to the hustings go I, then I hear those new-fangled Myers lever devices are quite the latest in casting “Aussie” ballots, so I’ll pull one for Cinebeats. Ta for now.

  6. I saw from a post at Moon In The Gutter that you were nominated. I made sure I went over, registered, and then voted for your blog. You definitely deserve to win. The cinema, music, etc. of the 60’s/70’s is so much better than the crap that Hollywood puts out these days. Good luck. I wish you the best.

  7. Off topic: I just made a comment on your posting about the harlequin romance movie ‘Leopard in the snow’ as I’d actually read the book it was based on (long story) and it might clear up some of your puzzlement.

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