Nicolas Caesar is an artist who works in many mediums, including illustrating various comic books. Besides being an artist, Nicolas has also been a horror movie host and he has a deep affection for cult films. Every week he publishes a free web comic on his site. These comics often reflect real-life experiences and he’s recently been writing some funny stuff that fellow movie buffs might enjoy as much as I do. I recently helped color and “remix” one of Nicolas’ comics called Church that I’m posting below for your enjoyment:

To see a larger version with interactive links please click on the image above!

If you”d like to see more of his art work and comics please visit his website:

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  1. That would be “dudette” and all I can add is that I’ve only seen clips of Riding the Bus with My Sister myself and that was enough for me, but I suppose we’ve all got our own humurous versions of hell. My own version of hell involves a nonstop Tom Hanks or Kevin Costner movie marathon.

  2. You don’t like Kevin Costner? But his nickname is “Dances with Wolves” and he’s all bland and monotone. And he delivered mail in a post-apocalyptic environment. And he managed to teach us all about how important global warming is with Waterworld. What a guy! And Tom Hanks, boy was he adorable as that wacky Forrest kid. Honestly dudette, I just don’t understand you sometimes. Next you’ll be telling me you don’t find E.T. adorable and cuddly.

    All jokes aside, or at least most of them, I’ve never seen Riding the Bus with my Sister but it certainly looks like hell.

  3. There are clips of Riding the Bus with my Sister floating around Youtube. I’d post them here, but since I have absolutely no desire to see them again, I’ll just mention them so the curious can seek them out.

    Glad you liked it Keith!

  4. I was almost subjected to “Riding the Bus with My Sister” by well-meaning relatives, but luckily, I was able escape – I think I told them had a copra shipment in Guam to see to, or something like that. When this film came out on TV, I heard so much how bad it was, I looked it up online for reviews – NOT ONE real review! I’ve never heard of that on a new film, I was so amazed – it must be REALLY bad when the professional egotists won’t weigh in, most likely ’cause they avoided it like the plague. I don’t intend to see it, and the Youtube bits reinforce this choice – thanks for suggesting them….not. What was that movie where Ray Milland tore out his own eyes? That’s how it feels – I must go view ‘M’ as unguent for sore sclerotics now. M. Caesar has my sympathy, but I like his work, so it must’nt’ve messed him up permanent-like, fortunately. Thanks for the link…uh…dudette mamzelle.

    Nowadays, if I see Costner’s name on a film, with the exception of “Open Range”, I give it a pass – he’s forever trapped in the amber that was “Bull Durham” for me, otherwise I would zero him out completely. Hanks never has done anything great since silly “Bosom Buddies” – “Mazes and Monsters”?!!?? whiskey tango foxtrot? over…’nuff said.

  5. You have my apologies Vanwell! I thought my warnings would be enough, but curiosity obviously got the best of you.

    Mazes and Monsters! Good greif, I had totally erased that movie from my mind. Thanks for the memories. It’s probably the best thing Hanks has ever done and that’s not saying much.

  6. Thanks Peet!

    Nic – I’m afraid you’ve caused lots of people nightmares. Lots of poor unknowing souls are probably going to now watch Riding the Bus with My Sister.

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