The Montgomery Clift Blog-a-thon

Above: Montgomery Clift

Today would have been Montgomery Clift’s 87th birthday and Film Experience is celebrating the event with a Montgomery Clift Blog-a-thon. I’m too busy writing about horror films at the moment to write anything substantial for the event, but please stop by the if charlie parker was a gunslinger blog to see all the Monty eye-candy I’ve posted there in honor of today.

3 thoughts on “The Montgomery Clift Blog-a-thon

  1. Happy Birthday to Monty. What a great actor. It’s a shame that his life had the tragedy that he did. He was a brilliant talent.

  2. I just posted my tribute to the great man, and specifically two of his best underseen films. He has been one of my favorite actors since my early teens and I still consider him, along with Brando and probably Jack Lemmon, as just about the best actor AMerica ever produced…extraordinary, beautiful man…

  3. Sin duda alguna que Montgomery Clift, “Monty”, ha sido una de las grandes estrellas de la cinematografia estadounidense. Basta con ver su film “From Here To Eternity”, asi comosu el papel que desempena en la pelicula sobre el juicio a un grupo de nazis, realizado en Nuremberg, para darnos cuenta de que nos encontramos frente a un actor de alto calibre. Monty puede parecer ingenuo, infantil, fuerte, debil, vibrante… Su entrega artistica es completa, sin tapujos. Yo lo situaria en la gran Trilogia del Cine Americano: Montgomery Clift, James Dean y Marlon Brando. !Que suerte haber contado con un refinado actor y ser humano como Monty!

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