Way back in early May of this year I reviewed the mod musical Gonks Go Beat (1965) directed by Robert Hartford-Davis, which had recently been released on Region-2 DVD in the U.K. and I’m happy to report that Gonks Go Beat has finally been released on Region-1 DVD in the U.S. today from Televista. Now American audiences can enjoy this rather silly, but fun musical for themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about the movie please read my previous review of Gonks Go Beat. I also recommend checking out the review for Gonks Go Beat at Cinedelica.

The quality of the Televista releases often leave a lot to be desired, so please be cautious if you decide to purchase it on DVD. Gonks Go Beat has been a really hard to find film and this release marks the first time the movie has been made available in North America in any form, so even though the quality of the DVD may be questionable, Gonks Go Beat is my DVD Pick of Week.

The new Gonks Go Beat DVD is currently available from Amazon for $16.99 and as far as I know it comes with no extras and runs 90 minutes. It should also be available for rent from places like Netflix and Greencine soon.

Lets’ Go Gonk!

5 thoughts on “DVD of the Week: Gonks Go Beat

  1. Kimberly,
    I clicked on your review link but just got a “No Post Made” comment. I did check out Cindelica’s review and it sounds like quite a flick! Rival islands of Beatland and Balladisle – that sounds delightfully silly.

  2. There’s not many reviews around for this film, but thankfully mine returned.

    Somehow Blogsome swallowed my review, but it’s back again and the link posted above should take you to it.

  3. Speaking of “X Goes Y” 60s British music movies, have you seem “The Ghost Goes Gear”? It’s the Spencer Davis Groups answer to “A Hard Day’s Night”, with Aker Bilk and a host of lesser/unknowns. The non-musical cast is somewhere between second-rate Monty Python and Benny Hill. “Gimme Some Lovin'” is NOT played.

    But you get to see Stevie Winwood looking about 16. And it isn’t very long…

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