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Barbara Steele in Fellini’s 8½ (1963)

The Results Are In . . .

The results for Edward Copeland’s Foreign Language Film Poll are now online. Four films from my own Top 25 didn’t make the Top 100, but six of my picks managed to make the Top 25. I personally think the most grievous omission is Luchino Visconti’s Rocco and His Brothers, which I hope to write about in greater length soon. In the meantime you can find the final results at Edward’s blog, which he has officially called The Ray Memorial 100 in honor of the great director Satyajit Ray who oddly enough didn’t have one film nominated for inclusion on the final ballot.

The Ray Memorial 100

Blog-a-thons Are Overrunning the Blogosphere . . .

Blog-a-thons seem to be overrunning the Blogosphere at the moment, but I’ve been trying to keep track of the ones I’m most interested in participating in. Unfortunately I highly doubt that I’ll be able to contribute to them all. If you’ve got the free time and are feeling inspired by any of the themes, I highly recommend participating in Blog-a-thons. They’re a great way to meet other like-minded bloggers and they bring together various opinions on a particular topic, which are often fascinating to read. You can find the list of Blog-a-thons that I currently find the most compelling below.

Cinema Blog-a-thons

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words . . .

Last but not least, the very nice Tom Sutpen who runs the excellent If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats blog was kind enough to ask me to become a regular contributor and I happily accepted the invitation. I hope you’ll stop by the blog often and check out my various contributions whenever the inspiration strikes.

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats

8 thoughts on “News Flash

  1. Congratulations on becoming a regular at Charlie Parker! I really love that site and am so excited to know you’ll be contributing regularly.

    And I look forward of course to reading your thoughts on Rocco and His Brothers in particular and Visconti in general.

    Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on the foreign film list on my site as well. I always look forward to seeing what you have to say.

  2. Congrats on the Charlie Parker gig Kimberly, I love visiting that site. I will look for your contributions…
    I enjoyed seeing the final list as well but was disappointed with a few that didn’t make it. I was really disappointed that The Great Silence didn’t make the cut (but was proud to have my quote about it right next to Neil Sarvers)….I have only had a time to glance at it and haven’t counted how many of my choices made it but I know a few did…great pic of Miss.Steele by the way…all the best

  3. Thanks guys!

    The Great Silence was one of my picks as well and I think it’s superior to a lot of films that made the Top 100. My own tastes are often a bit eclectic so I’m really not surprised by the results, but I enjoyed participating.

  4. Congrats, Kimberly. I’ll be sure to check out your contributions. I’ll have to check out that foreign film poll to see what films are up there. Looking forward to the blog on Rocco when you do it. Also that’s great pic of Barbara. One of my all time faves. Take care. Have a great weekend.

  5. I’ve still come up with little of value to say about the list. It was interesting to participate in certainly, and if it fulfills the goal of getting more people to see more of those movies, as people keep suggesting it will, then YAY! All I know is that they were getting dozens of ballots in the first few days. I know that even I, who had planned to fill in some important gaps before filling in my ballot at the last minute neglected to watch any significant number of movies I felt particularly lacking for not having seen… and frankly some of the movies that didn’t make the ballot, by folks such as you and others whose blogs I read, still seem more important than some that did make the voting list.

    I guess that’s the value there.

    I was glad we got comments in on The Great Silence, which is due as much recognition as it can get. I wish mine had been as good as Jeremy’s, but I suppose having some variation of any kind is good.

  6. It might look self-serving on my part to say this publicly, but who cares?

    So far your contributions (in terms of sheer concentrated quality) have been phenomenal, Kimberly. I only regret not having asked you to come on board sooner.

    Three cheers and a big hurrah from me!

    (and thanks, folks, for your kind words on ‘le Gunslinger’)

  7. Vincent – Glad you like the photo! I’d be curious to hear your own thoughts about the list if you decide to share them.

    Keith – Thanks Keith!It’s funny, but I didn’t vote for Fellini’s myself, but it’s a favorite of mine as well and I was happy to see all the Fellini love on the list since he’s one of my favorite filmmakers.

    Neil – I think I’m suffering list burnout too, but I was pretty shocked that Rocco and His Brothers didn’t make the list and I really want to write about the film since it’s a personal favorite and a very important film that is often overlooked. I think your comment about the Great Silence was great!

    Tom – Thanks so much Tom! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what I’ve posted so far. I love sharing images and there’s something fun about not having to write much. For some reason, I tend to go on and on here at Cinebeats Take care!

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