Over the recent weekend holiday I took the free time I had and invested it in redesigning Cinebeats.com. If you visit or link to Cinebeats you’ll find that you’re taken to a new index page with links to my Blog, the Blog Archives, a Cinebeats Amazon Shop, a new About Me page, a new and updated Links section, and quick links to my Myspace page and my Flickr galleries where you can view lots of terrific retro images of films and fashion. I also changed the design of my blog a bit so if you link directly to it at http://cinebeats.blogsome.com you’ll see some minor changes there as well.

I hope to create web pages for all my longer blog posts in the future, but for now you can use the Blog Index I made and search for whatever you’re looking for using a customized Google search. In the Cinebeats Amazon Shop you’ll find just about every ’60s and ’70s era film I’ve ever mentioned here on the blog so far or elsewhere online, but I’m still adding to it and listing other favorites when I can. I often get requests from people about where they can find a particular film and the shop will make it easier for me to point people to one spot. Site visitors can use it for rental recommendations too. You’ll also find books and soundtracks I’ve mentioned or recommend in the shop as well.

Way back in January of this year I mentioned that I was going to start two weekly blog features (Recommended DVD Release of the Week and Celebrity Spotlight) but I’m afraid I haven’t done either. I occasionally talk about new DVD releases and write about directors, actors and actresses I like, but starting today I will be posting a Recommended DVD Release of the Week every week and instead of a Celebrity Spotlight, I will be posting an Image of the Week featuring actors, actresses and directors that I love on my homepage.

Current Image of the week: Angie Dickenson, 1962

Last but not least, some of my blog articles can now be found at the wonderful That ’60s Girl site run by the very nice April who happens to be the sister of one of my best online buddies, Lala. Lala also has a terrific site called The Grindhouse that retro cinema fans should enjoy visiting.

I really appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve gotten about Cinebeats in recent months and I hope visitors will enjoy the new changes I’ve made.

Stay Groovy!
Kimberly Lindbergs

11 thoughts on “Site News and Updates!

  1. I love the new look Kimberly and the new main page looks fantastic…by the way, great choice for your first current image of the week…I love Angie.
    Good luck with all the changes and I look forward to visiting those other sites you mentioned…
    Cinebeats continues to blow my mind!!!
    Keep up the great work, it is very appreciated.

  2. I’m glad you’ll be doing a picture of the week. It sounds so gradeschool to say it (or Chance the Gardner-like) but I really like looking at movie pictures online. I enjoy posting them two or three times a week and I love scrolling through all the fascinating photos at If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger. And Angie Dickenson… she did so much television that no one into film seems to know anything about her anymore. But may I just say (and I know the film was not well-received) that I love Dressed to Kill. It was another one of those movies that just got lambasted by the critics when it was released and when I finally got around to seeing it years later thought to myself, “Why was this so panned?” I guess maybe it was the fact that you could see the Michael Caine duel persona thing from a mile away but that didn’t seem to be the point to me. The point was the set-ups and the interactions. And the scene with Angie and the dropped glove in the museum is one of the most amazingly erotic scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie – and I’m not sure why exactly. When you are sure why, it just means there’s no atmosphere or chemistry and certainly no mystery. What a scene! Thanks for the pic, and I look forward to each weeks new addition.

  3. I love your blog. It’s one of the few that I frequent. You’ve always got some great article about a movie I haven’t seen in years or one I’ve never seen. I learn so much from your blog. Thanks for doing such a great job with it. I love the changes you are making. The pics of the week sound like a wonderful idea. Love the one of Angie. She’s quite a beauty. Good luck with everything you do here. I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work. Take care.

  4. I like that you separated your blogrolls into cinema, music and art&culture sections–but you left me off all three lists! Ah well, you know I’ll still love Cinebeats!

  5. Thanks much for the positive feedback guys!

    Jonathan – I love Dressed to Kill too! Thrillers/Horror films have always gotten a bad critical rap so I suppose I’m never too surprised by negative responses to films like Dressed to Kill. People are still calling Hitchcock a misogynist.

    Keith – Thanks a lot! I’m glad you find Cinebeats a worthwhile read.

    Ed – Oops! I didn’t mean to do that so I added your link back. I was updating them and few got lost in the mess. I still need to work out some bugs and stuff.

  6. I thought maybe you hated me all of the sudden–maybe you found out I’m a closet Spielberg lover. Just kidding. I keep wanting to jump into the conversation you and Jonathan have been having over at Cinema Styles but something about writing “good point, I totally agree with you” makes me feel all empty inside.

  7. I just wanted to throw in another shout of love for “Dressed To Kill”, it’s one of my favorite De Palma films and Angie is incredible in it…

  8. I like DRESSED TO KILL all right but make it THE LOVE WAR for me — vintage Angie and not at all of this earth. Having said that, I guess now it’s clear I’m officially the oldest one in the room.

  9. Ed – Ha, Ha! As much as I am willing and able to bash on Spielberg, I can’t hate the guy since Empire of the Sun is one of my favorite movies. 😉

    Jeremy – Dressed to Kill is one of my favorite De Palma films too. He really borrowed a lot from European thrillers to make that film, but I enjoy it anyway and the cast is terrific.

    Richard – I’ve never seen The Love War and until you mentioned it I’m pretty sure I hadn’t heard of it before. I can remember first seeing Angie in the Police Woman series and thinking she was super cool, so I’m no fresh young thing myself. I used to watch the show with my mom every week since she loved it too. I even own an Angie “Police Woman” doll. Yes folks, I’m a “Pepper” lover!

  10. Ed – good point, I totally agree with you.

    I had to look up The Love War on IMDB because I’ve never heard of it either. There are still many films I haven’t seen but when I haven’t even heard of one I get scared. So it turns out it’s a tv movie from 1970. Wow! I’d like to see it actually. I haven’t seen many tv movies from that period but the ones I have seen seem so much better than the “issue” movies or “disease of the week” movies they started making in the eighties. One really good one was Dying Room Only. Anyone seen that one? Sorry it doesn’t have Angie Dickenson, it has Cloris Leachman and Dabney Coleman. I only mention it because when I watched it on TBS years ago I remember thinking “I’ll be changing the channel soon from this clinker” knowing it was a tv movie and I immediately became thoroughly involved. I love it when that happens.

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