I recently discovered Mort Todd’s terrific website Go Sadistik which is devoted to the diabolikal super-kriminal Sadistik (also known as Kriminal, Kilink and Killing). The site is well worth a look if you enjoy sexy sixties era pulp-style crime thrillers as much as I do.

I first read about the Sadistik / Kriminal / Kilink films in Pete Tombs’ great book Mondo Macabro : Weird & Wonderful Cinema Around the World back in 1998 but they seemed impossible to find then. Thankfully that has changed in recent years with companies like Onar Films making the Turkish Kilink movies easily available.

The history of Sadistik is long, complicated and incredibly convoluted, but at the Go Sadistik site Mort Todd does a good job of explaining how the character of Sadistik went from being an Italian comic book anti-hero inspired by Diabolik and created by Max Bunker (pen name for the Italian artist Luciano Secchi) to being the star of his own films in Europe and Turkey. Besides information about the history of Sadistik and the various films, you can find detailed profiles of all the actors involved in the movies there and some eye-popping galleries featuring amazing cover art from the original photo story magazines.

Mort Todd is currently publishing a wonderful bi-lingual Sadistik tribute magazine with co-editor Roberto Barreiro called Killing Time that is filled with lots of great articles and info. The first issue is currently available as a PDF file which you can download for free right from the site and it’s really a must read! You’ll also find free download sample pages from the classic Sadistik photo novels that Mort Todd is translating and publishing in association with Comicfix.

Comicfix and Mort Todd are also helping to promote Italian director SS-Sunda’s documentary about the history of Sadistik called Diabolikal Super-Kriminal which is currently in production. They’ve recently released a nice looking trailer for the upcoming film that you can watch below.

Besides the Go Sadistik website, Mort Todd and director SS-Sunda both have blogs which I also recommend visiting if you’re like me and can’t get enough of Sadistik:

– Mort Todd’s The Mask of Death blog.
– SS-Sunda’s The King of Crime blog.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Get Sadistik!

  1. I’ll be honest that I’ve never heard of this before. It looks intriguing though. Definitely plan to check out the website when I have more time. Thanks for introducing this.

  2. Thanks Kimberly,
    I knew very little about this so this was really interesting. I haven’t read “Mondo Macabro” by Tombs but have been meaning too as his “Immoral Tales” is one of my all time favorite film books…All this stuff really intrigues me.
    Thanks for the links and the post.

  3. Quite an eye-popping photo to start your post. Very funny.

    As always – thanks for the ever so informative, intriguing post.

  4. It’s funny.
    You’re totally writing about my kind of stuff lately.

    The Kilink movies are great fun.
    I would highly recommend them to anyone who likes 60’s spy/super criminal movies.
    They are non stop action, like an old movie serial on speed.

    Also for folks who like that sort of thing. I recently watched “Superargo Vs Diabolikus”.
    It’s total fun.

  5. I would love to see the Turkish produced KLINIK films. I do have Umberto Lenzi’s KRIMINAL, filmed in Turkey. It’s fun and I love that skeleton costume. I’m going to be doing on blog on KRIMINAL, SATANIK, DIABOLIK, etc on my blog soon. Thanks for posting this and that top image is priceless!


  6. Thanks for the all feedback! Go Sadistik is a great site. If anyone’s curious about the movies you can find more youtube clips posted at the blogs I mentioned above

    Jeremy – If you’re interested in International horror and various cult films from Asia, Mondo Macabro is a must!

    Robert – I hope you get the chance to see the Turkish films soon. I think you’d enjoy them. You can get them from Onar films which I linked to above. I hope to write more on Satanik myself soon since it’s one of my favorite flicks.

  7. Thanks for the plug. I demand all who read this to check out the goSadistik.com website! And by the way, Max Bunker created the KRIMINAL comic book, not my photo novels! We’re different characters who both wear skeleton outfits but I’m MUCH cooler!

    Beast regards,

    The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal

  8. thanks too for the compliments on Killint Time.
    I am guilty for not publish the second issue. I hope that soon MOrt & me could start again the second issue

  9. Thanks for the comments!

    I appreciate that you liked the plug Sadistik and Roberto and thanks much for the extra info about the comics and photo novels. Go Sadistik is a fabulous site and I hope everyone who reads this gives it a look!

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