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Argento & Hemmings on the set of Profondo rosso (1974)
David Hemmings and Dario Argento on the set of Profondo Rosso (1974)

One of my favorite Italian directors has been making lots of news lately. On July 7th Dario Argento launched his first official website which is shaping up to be a really magnificent site jam packed with lots of info and eye-candy spanning Argento’s 40 year career. Unfortunately it’s only an Italian language site at the moment, but there are rumors that an English language mirror site will appear sooner or later.

Dario Argento’s Official Site

On July 8th Argento was awarded the prestigious lifetime achievement award in Italy called The Golden Pegasus Award (The Pegaso d’Oro). Argento is mentioned at the very end of the following news article.

The 2007 Golden Pegasus Awards

Last but not least, his newest film La Terza Madre (a.k.a. Mother of Tears) is set to be released on October 17th in Italy. La Terza Madre is the final chapter in Argento’s infamous “Three Mothers” trilogy, which started in 1977 with Suspiria and was followed by Inferno (1980). It’s hard not get excited about the film if you enjoyed the previous films in Argento’s trilogy. The cast, which includes genre favorites such as Udo Kier, Daria Nicolodi and Philippe Leroy, is very impressive. Lots of hype has surrounded the film, but only time will tell if it will be as good as the previous two movies. A bad quality video featuring the La Terza Madre trailer has been floating around YouTube which appears to be pirated, but it’s the only trailer online at the moment. *

*Edited! A link to the new trailer for La Terza Madre has been added below! (7.21)

La Terza Madre trailer

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  1. I’ll have to check out Dario’s site, even if it is in Italian. It sounds great. He’s one of my fav filmmakers out there. I can’t wait for his latest film. I’ve enjoyed the other two in this trilogy. I also think it has a gret cast. I’m really psyched to see that Italian goddess, Dario’s daughter, Asia in it. It is a cool traile which makes me want to see this. I hope I get the chance.

  2. Thanks for the Dario news Kimberly,
    I hope they get an English version to the site but if not I am still looking forward to looking through it.
    Very nice to hear about the Golden Pegasus award…I am glad he is getting some recognition.
    I am still incredibly excited and curious about the Third Mother. I hope it turns out to be great. You know I am a bit more forgiving of his more recent work than most so I am curious to see how this plays for me…thanks again for the news…

  3. hmmmm. I’ll have some hot Dario news to share on July 23rd… Kimberly, send me an email via my blogger profile and I can give you a clue and we can figure out the mp3 swap!

  4. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope that the last part of the Three Mother’s Trilogy is as amazing as parts one and two!

    I look forward to your Argento news Colin and I’ll send you an email today.

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