There’s lots of interesting Blog-A-Thons coming up in the next few weeks & months which I hope to participate in and I thought I’d mention them here and encourage other cinema junkies who like to write about their habit to join in the fun.

Trashy film enthusiasts should consider joining other trash loving fans for the Trashy Movie Celebration Blog-A-Thon being organized by Neil at The Bleeding Tree for the weekend of April 8-9th.

My contribution: Massimo Dallamano’s Dorian Gray

Believe it or not, this trashy girl is also rather fond of a British bard by the name of Shakespeare, so I’m also planning to participate in the William Shakespeare Blog-A-Thon taking place on April 23, which is being hosted by Peter over at Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee.

My contribution: Vincent Price in Theater of Blood

Last but certainly not least, I also hope to participate in the Film music Blog-A-Thon taking place June 21-25 at Windmills of My Mind. It’s a long way off, but I figured I’d mention it anyway. Anyone who’s spent any time at my blog has probably noticed that I have a deep love for film scores, so I’m also excited about this one.

My contribution: Contempt (1963)

If I get interested in any more Blog-A-Thons I’ll post updates about them here.


Action Heroine Blog-a-Thon at the Film Experience Blog on June 12th.

My contribution: Tura Satana – An American Icon

Final Girl is holding a The Friday the 13th Blog-a-Thon on Friday, July 13th.

My contribution: Revisiting the Bay of Blood

A Lee Marvin Blog-a-thon will be hosted by Richard Harland Smith at TCM’s Movie Morlock’s blog on August 29th.

My contribution:
Lee Marvin: A Sensitive 17 Year-Old Boy

Louis Bunuel will be the subject of his own Blog-a-thon being organized by Flickhead for September 24-30th.

My contributions:
What’s in the Box?
Ode to Marcel
The Fine Art of Fashion

A Montgomery Clift Blog-a-thon is being put together by Film Experience for Oct. 17th.

My contribution:
Monty Photos

Gautam Valluri at Broken Projector is holding what he calls a Double Bill-a-Thon Oct. 22-26

My contribution:
A Double Dose of William Beaudine


Filmsquish will be hosting an Akira Kurosawa Blog-a-thon on November 15th.

2 thoughts on “Cinema Blog-A-Thons

  1. Thanks for the shout out for the Shakespeare blog-a-thon. I actually have a couple of films that I’m considering. In a perfect world I would write about this Turkish version of Hamlet, with a woman in the lead role.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, from me, as well.

    I also have the other two marked, so to speak, on my calendar, although I’m still stuck for what my subject will be for each. But since I just figured out what I’m doing for mine, perhaps a break is in order.

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