The Eurotrash Pinnacle Project

David Zuzelo who runs the terrific blog Tomb it May Concern started what he refers to as The Eurotrash Pinnacle Project. It’s an effort to bring together a list of favorite Eurotrash films from every genre imaginable including eurohorror, giallo, eurospy and spaghetti westerns. I recently contributed my own list of Top 10 Eurotrash films with an additional 10 titles tacked on the end for good measure, since selecting only 10 was an impossible task.

In my brief commentary for the first 10 films I listed, I used the word “sexy” a lot, which isn’t too surprising since sex often plays an important part in Eurotrash films and some of my favorite actors (Klaus Kinski, Alain Delon, Terence Stamp, Helmut Berger and John Phillip Law) often show up looking very sexy in the movies I mentioned.

You can find my list of favorite Eurotrash films now posted over at Tomb it May Concern. Be sure to click on the label link “Eurotrash Film Pinnacle Project” at the bottom of the entry because it will take you to the the rest of the great movie lists contributed by others.

4 thoughts on “The Eurotrash Pinnacle Project

  1. Great list (including 1 or 2 I need to make the effort to see now)! I’ve been enjoying these in general. It’s a great idea for a feature.

    I’ve discussed the idea of European movies and sexiness. I’m not sure I have the complete difference, but I have a theory about the once refreshing “girl and boy next door” look that was a refreshing change in fashion 40 years ago has oddly taken over the US media culture. I’m sure it’s aided by our awkwardness with sex and sexuality so our popular culture, even the trashy ends, is filled with people that don’t entirely force you to confront their sexuality… not that you can’t see their sex appeal, but you can let it pass by. The European stars much more often force you to confront and recognize their sexuality. Men, like you mention and many more, than I, as a straight man, want to turn and say “Damn! That guy is super sexy!”

  2. I totally agree with your thoughts about American sexuality vs. European sexuality in cinema Neil!

    I’ve always thought that European actors seem to be much more comfortable with their sexuality in general, and sexually aggressive men and woman are common in films. I think there’s also a more adult approach to sex, as well as an “anything goes” mentality in European cinema.

    On the other hand, American cinema and the actors that inhabit it often seem overly constrained by American puritanism and “politically correct” attitudes which have pervaded our culture, including our “trashy” films.

    I also often find European actors to be more attractive because they seem comfortable in their skin no matter what shape/size they are. The men may not have “rock hard abs” or “buns of steel” but they’re more sexually attractive to me. In general I sort of prefer erotic films from the 60s & 70s, before plastic surgery became the norm and when people actually ate food and could still get work in movies. I tend to like guys myself, but even I find European actresses like Edwige Fenech, Catherine Deneuve, Soledad Miranda, Isabelle Adjani, etc. really attractive and much more appealing then their American counterparts. 😉

  3. Wow,
    What a great list. I’m proud to say I have seen them all with the exception of Franco’s Diabolical Dr. Z and Satanik so I will be sure to search those down. This has inspired me to get together my own top ten which I think will probably include about half of yours.
    Great to see someone else who appreciates Vadim’s section of Sprits and what a treat to see 5 Dolls and Frightened Woman on your list as they are often overlooked.
    Your blog is just fantastic, I’m enjoying reading all of your past posts that I missed.

  4. Thanks for all the nice words Jeremy! I hope you’ll put your own list together since I’d love to see it. It’s really hard to pick favorites since I love so many eurohorrors & thrillers. I could easily put together a list of Top 20 giallo films alone.

    Vadim’s made a lot of great films that I love! Blood & Roses,Barbarella & If Don Juan Were a Woman are all favorites of mine. I really wish more of his films were available on DVD. It’s a shame that so many of Vadmin’s movies haven’t even gotten VHS releases in the US.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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