I just participated in my first Horror Roundtable which is hosted over at The Horror Blog. The Horror Blog is a great place to visit if you happen to love horror films as much as I do. It has lots of great tidbits about various horror related topics, including info about new films, etc.

This week participants of the Horror Roundtable were asked to name their favorite Horror Comic. This was no easy task for me since I worked in a comic shop during the 1990s and have lots of favorites, so I cheated a bit and mentioned four titles instead of one.

Visit The Horror Blog to read about my favorite horror comics and find out what other bloggers have been reading and enjoying. You’ll find lots of great reading suggestions there!

One thought on “Horror Roundtable @ The Horror Blog

  1. Nice choices! I loved Jamie Delano era Hellblazer (nothing warms the cockles of my heart like a pissed off Brit ranting about Thatcher) and From Hell is just magnificent!

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