Being a music lover, I really enjoy visiting great music blogs such as Lounge Tracks, Schlocker, ScoreBaby Annex,Winged Avenger and the new collaborative effort Splendida Project.

My guy and I both love all kinds of music and last week we decided to start our own joint music related blog called Let’s Go J-Sound! so we could share some of our favorite Japanese tunes with other music lovers. I hope some of CINEBEATS regular readers will stop by Let’s Go J-Sound! for a listen.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Go J-Sound!

  1. Glad you are enjoying,if you would feel like contributing to Splendida,just send me an e-mail and I’ll invite you…
    The more the merrier. 🙂
    PS enjoying your Japanese music very much.

  2. Thanks for all the nice comments on the new music blog! I hope you’ll all find some new tunes to enjoy.

    As soon as I find some free time I’ll drop you an email Bruno. 🙂

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