Congratulations to my favorite Sinatra! Nancy got her own star on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday alongside her fathers. She had these encourging words to say to other ladies afterward: 

"My advice to young women starting out is hang tough, don’t quit — even if it takes 40 years."

Watch Nancy sing “Some Velvet Morning” with Lee Hazlewood in this great video…

A brief Nancy Sinatra Filmography:
For Those Who Think Young (1964, Leslie H. Martinson)
Get Yourself a College Girl (1964, Sidney Miller)
Marriage on the Rocks (1965, Jack Donohue)
The Ghost in the the Invisible Bikini (1966, Don Weis)
The Last of the Secret Agents? (1966, Norman Abbott)
The Wild Angels (1966, Roger Corman)
Movin’ With Nancy (1967, Jack Haley Jr.)
Speeedway (1968, Norman Taurog)

For more on Nancy visit the Offical Nancy Sinatra Site and the great UK fansite Movin’ With Nancy.

2 thoughts on “Go Nancy Go!

  1. Thanks for remembering Nancy. When I was about 9 or 10-years-old, her theme song to “You Only Live Twice” had just come out, and I would listen to it over and over.

    The Sweet Shoppe in our little town had it on their juke box, and I would put in one nickel after another to hear it constantly as I played pinball. Since other kids my age were playing the Rolling Stones and Strawberry Alarm Clock singles, I think the older people in the shop appreciated the soothing sound of Nancy’s appealing monotone.

    Just two or three years ago, she was on Howard Stern’s radio show and became one of his best, most entertaining guests.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post about Nancy! She’s great and has a terrific voice. I first saw her in Speedway with Elvis when I was just a kid (sometime n the mid 70s) and thought she was one of his best costars. She made some fun movies.

    I wish The Last of the Secret Agents was on DVD. I’ve seen it on TV, but I’d really like to see it get a proper DVD release.

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