Alida Valli in Eyes Without A Face

The talented actress Alida Valli passed away this weekend. She appeared in a lot of terrific movies and will be missed. IMDB had this to say about her passing:

"Alida Valli died at her home in Rome, Italy on Saturday. She was 84. Valli rose to fame in the 1930s and 1940s starring in a string of Italian films before heading to Hollywood where she starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1947 thriller The Paradine Case alongside Gregory Peck. Orson Welles famously described the star as, "The sexiest thing you ever did see in your life."

I was personally always really impressed with Valli. In her younger years she was a stunning beauty and showed great range. She played a terrific "heavy" in many of my favorite horror films. She could be frightening, as well as powerful and domineering while still maintaining her exotic femininity. All these qualities made Valli stand out in every film I saw her in. She seemed to have stopped working in 2002, but she was still making movies when she was 80. Her last film was a thriller called Angel of Death (Semana Santa) that was not well received, but her body of work is incredibly impressive.

Her filmography includes:
We The Living (1942, Goffredo Alessandrini)
The Paradine Case (1947, Alfred Hitchcock)
The Miracle of the Bells (1948, Irving Pichel)
The Third Man (1949, Carol Reed)

Senso (1954, Luchino Visconti)
The Wide Blue Road (1957, Gillo Pontecorvo)
Il Grido (1958, Michelangelo Antonioni)
The Night Heaven Fell (1958, Roger Vadim
Eyes Without A Face (1959, Georges Franju)
Oedipus Rex (1967, Pier Paolo Pasolini)
The Spider’s Stratagem (1970, Bernardo Bertolucci)
Eye In the Labyrinth (1972, Mario Caiano)
La Prima notte di quiete (1972, Valerio Zurlini)
Lisa And The Devil (1973, Mario Bava)
The Antichrist (1974, Alberto De Martino)
Tender Dracula, or Confessions of a Blood Drinker (1974, Pierre Grunstein)
Flesh of the Orchid (1975, Patrice Chereau)
1900 (1976, Bernardo Bertolucci)
The Cassandra Crossing (1976, George P. Cosmatos)
Suspiria (1977, Dario Argento)
Berlinguer I Love You (1977, Giuseppe Bertolucci)
Killer Nun (1978, Giulio Berruti)
La Luna (1979, Bernardo Bertolucci)
Inferno (1980, Dario Argento)
A Month By The Lake (1995, John Irvin)
Angel Of Death (2002, Pepe Danquart)

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  1. Alida Valli was one of those names that I heard all my life, and only after she died, from looking over filmographies like this one, did I realize that she’d been in so many good movies, and in so many genres, and that I’d seen as many of them as I had. She will be missed, indeed.
    Thanks also for the link. It is much appreciated!

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